Use promo code "LOYTEL10" to get 10% off bedding on your first order.
Use promo code "LOYTEL10" to get 10% off bedding on your first order.
Use promo code "LOYTEL10" to get 10% off bedding on your first order.

Cover for massage therapy table

Color: Gray

Sold individually, our extendable contour cover for aesthetics and massage therapy tables effectively protects the table during treatments and offers optimal comfort to your customers. Its special design is ideal for conventional tables thanks to the flexibility of the material, ensuring a precise and secure fit.

Made with quality materials, our contour cover is durable and resistant. Its soft texture provides a pleasant sensation for a relaxing treatment experience.

Easy to maintain, our contour cover can simply be cleaned in the washing machine after use, making it practical and hygienic for professional use.

Offer your customers superior quality care by using our contour cover for aesthetics tables and massage therapy . It is an essential accessory to preserve the cleanliness of your table while providing optimal comfort during treatments.

Pickup available at 2355 Rue Canadien, Drummondville QC J2C 7W1 ·

Usually ready in 2-4 days

  • 28 to 34 x 72 (p/in) [Massage therapy table]
  • 95% Polyester
  • 5% Spandex
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Color: Gray
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