Tailor-made training

Tailor-made training for groups of beauticians

At Loytel, we recognize the importance of collective learning. We are excited to provide you with personalized training tailored to the specific needs of your large group of estheticians. Whether you want to perfect your skills or introduce the sugaring paste technique to your team, our tailor-made training program is designed to meet your expectations.

Advantages of our Customized Training

Location Flexibility

We travel wherever you want, whether it's your salon, a training center or a location of your choice, creating a familiar and convenient environment for all participants.

Technique d'épilation à la pâte de sucre naturelle de Loytel.

Content Personalization

Adapt the training program according to the specific needs of your group. Whether you are looking for a complete introduction to the sugar paste hair removal technique or advanced sessions, we adapt to your expectations.

Advantageous Group Rates

Take advantage of attractive rates specially designed for large groups, making training accessible and cost-effective for your entire team.

How to Organize Tailored Training with Loytel


Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, number of participants, desired location and any other important details. We are ready to collaborate with you to plan a memorable and educational training experience.

Offer your team of estheticians a unique opportunity to hone their skills with Loytel. Contact us to create a tailor-made training course that meets your exact needs.